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Features & Benefits
  • Compact & Portable -  Use & Store It Anywhere 
  • Uses Isometrics - Build Strength & Lean Muscle FAST! 
  • 40 Different Exercises -  A Total Body Workout
  • Exercise in Just 7 Seconds -  100 lbs. of Resistance with a 2 lb Fitness Device  
Great for Home, Work or School
Bullworker Pro is the full body workout system that you can use anywhere.
Compact & Portable
Never miss a workout!  Bullworker Pro is compact and portable.
Anyone,  Anywhere & Anytime!
Bullworker Pro is a great workout for young,  old, advanced or beginner.  So easy to use,  you can even workout while watching TV.
The Power of Isometrics!
Bullworker Pro is the perfect way to achieve your fitness goals, Bullworker Pro uses the power of Isometrics to build strength, power, and lean muscle faster. Isometrics is the proven way to simulate FAST muscle growth. This breakthrough workout device works in a concentrated range of motion, focusing right on the muscle without causing stress on your joints. Just activate the resistance and hold for 7 seconds to feel the power of Bullworker Pro.

With over 40 exercises, the Bullworker Pro is one of the most effective total body workouts you can do to build a: Bigger Chest, Strong Back, Powerful Shoulders, Tighter Abs & Obliques and Perfect Legs.
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Get a Total Body Workout in Just Minutes a Day!
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